dietary requirements

by p e t c e m e t e r y

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released on z tapes during the year 2015. thanks filip and dean and emma


released October 7, 2015

pet cemetery is saam & dean.

written and recorded at saam & dean's houses, summer 2015.



all rights reserved


p e t c e m e t e r y Happy Adventure, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: alright
sick until my hands fell still
my brother talks more than i do
i'm tired & skipping meals
laughter fills the living room
i can't hear it's so loud
eyes water from rubbing out

our parents hold the secrets
we're trying to believe it

hold you head together until
a small group of strangers surround & pull all the stitches out
pencil tastes like cinnamon
swimming for miles
see i'm feeling dizzy & happier

our parents hold the secrets
we're lying to believe it
Track Name: magick
the window seat
we're slowing down
street lights blur
a borrowed shell

make these headaches stop
i'm spacing out
you look so familiar
like casting spells

sit & wish for rain

feel unclean
savoury without
wasps at your window
your favourite sound

the tv speaks
a gleeming doubt
we never sleep
soft & proud
Track Name: champ
dance just to raise hell
i'll sleep under your windowsill
& i guess the distance was bigger than we mapped out
we burnt all of our clothes
sit around the fire because we're cold
see i'm not sleeping, to say i'm not sleeping
my belly hurts
it hurts the worst

collecting bottle caps, i'm burning books & tracing maps
this city is the devil
my lucky number
pray for the lump inside your throat
tell everyone everything you know
it's nearly morning
what does that even mean?
it's funny that we're different
Track Name: milk
i've been waiting to sit outside
& i'd talk to you about the night we died
a lit cigarette crushes past your eyes
it's mine
the treehouse we burnt down looks alright
the kids it belonged to cried & cried
i'm sick to my stomach
i feel alive tonight
Track Name: birthmark
bright white at the corner of the bed
take it away from me
pale eyes like the sun, bleaching hair
a love of everything

let it bruise
i'm so bored, bored to death
you'd swallow anything
bless my hands, crooked teeth
keep them still
shivering ecstasy
Track Name: birthstone (reprise)
i <3 huckabees