bedroom demos

by p e t c e m e t e r y

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released October 15, 2014



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p e t c e m e t e r y Happy Adventure, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: dinner date
blind i follow along & bored
looking for something that i can hold
bite bones from my body, the fire spreads through the woods
out on open water
your veins draw lines on forearms
wrap your wrists in colour
a headache for a year
double dare & stutter
i forgot to call
Track Name: make out demarco
eyes sore tonight
when you're out there
& it's nearly 1am
maybe i'm just tired

you'd hate to let it go

i'd stare at the sun
graves we'd dare to dig
chewing on hair like bubblegum
always undone
Track Name: & heavenly
i know all your favourite weapons
we sleep well in the basement
where fire kills the cold
dreaming like we were still 17
and looking for an exit
we used to call there home

building a boat from pins and paper
i sold all of your record
your eyes will turn to gold
we feel big for the first time
i wish that i could always steal secrets from the kids

listen, like both hands held together
we cry in t shirt weather
our bones will start to grow
eating the void inside my stomach
we wait inside the car & turn off the radio
Track Name: two years old
oh how the wind clings too
we're seeing sounds and falling
surprised, still warm and..
shivering, we learnt to laugh again at something new
my hands they smell like milk & water

oh the christmas lights shine bright
warm as the sun
i'll sleep tomorrow, you will sleep tomorrow
cigarettes, the smoke will fill my head
and bless the nerves with kisses
cherry coke to brush my teeth with